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Buying your Wedding Dress


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Please don’t wear fake tan or bronzer.

Wear minimum make up.

Your regular underwear is fine to wear.

Bring heels the height you might wear on your big day.

Professional, honest advice and assistance is provided throughout your appointment.

If you don’t have a specific style in mind, we encourage you to explore all styles – you might be surprised!

Many brides find that their ‘dream dress’ is one they never suspected before experimenting!

Please inform us as soon as you know that you can’t make your scheduled appointment. You can follow the cancellation link on your confirmation email.

You can email us on

You can message us on our Facebook Messenger

You can call us on 087-2256766 / 089-2055269

You will receive a reminder e-mail 24 hrs prior to your scheduled appointment. There is an option to cancel.

You are always welcome to reschedule your appointment!

Not strictly , but here are afew pointers to consider!

To help you get the most out of your appointment, we recommend that you arrive on time so you can make the most of your time with us. There is no rush and we encourage future brides to take their time choosing a piece so significant, so arriving on time will make the experience a more enjoyable and relaxed one!

On busy days there may be a short waiting period before we can meet you for your appointment.

Bring along some heels that are of a height similar to heels you may wear on your big day. There are shoes available in the changing room, however these may not be your size/style/preferred height, thus never as comfy as your own!

We ask that in order to prevent tan marks and blemishes on dresses, that you have minimal make up and are fake-tan free!

Also it is helpful to bring the right underwear, maybe a well fitted bra with detachable straps to suit the strapless dresses.

Keep in mind, we are here to advise, assist and ensure your time is a fun and informative experience, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions throughout your appointment!

Most importantly, even if you have an exact idea what style you want to wear on your wedding day, we encourage you to try on a variety of styles and designs, you could be surprised!!

We know how important it is to have friends/family by your side to advise and support when making such big decision! Do feel free to bring a close friend/family member or two whose opinion you value, however any more than three people is not advisable.


The majority of our dresses have not been worn on a bride’s wedding day.

Luckily for you this enables the opportunity for you to find your dream dress brand new at a HUGE discount from its original price!

Rest assured that if you fall in love with a pre-loved wedding  dress, you are not compromising on quality, elegance or sophistication – they are all beautiful and in pristine condition!

As we sell the dresses for our clients, the prices are set by the the owner and are completely at their discretion. Timeless Bridalwear sell brand new and pre-loved gowns at hugely reduced prices.

A dress that has been worn will have been promptly dry-cleaned and will be presented in pristine condition on our rails.

We encourage you to try on various styles and designs.  It is also advisable to explore different styles and designs to know what best suits your shape.

Appointments are c. 1 hour in length. You can try on as many dresses as you wish in this timeframe.

We offer a friendly stress-free appointment with absolutely no pressure – if we have extra time than allotted we will assist you in any way possible to help you find your dream dress.

Not all of our stock is advertised.

Some new stock is added to the website and our Facebook page/ Instagram/Snapchat when we receive them so please keep an eye out!

Feel free to contact us if you can’t see the particular style that you have in mind as we may have it in stock.


We stock all types of stunning veils and accessories.

Deposits of 50% are required to secure your wedding dress.

Final Payment due 6 weeks after deposit date.

We cater to your budget and can arrange a payment schedule if necessary.

Selling Your Wedding Dress

The award winning service that we at Timeless Bridalwear provide for you is an invaluable and unique one.

We are that necessary medium between you selling your dress and the bride-to-be. We eliminate the hassle and time wasting you may encounter if you decide on a different avenue of selling your dress e.g. online. All inconvenience is passed on to us!

We widely market our business and services to future brides nationwide and have that marketing and professional know-how to ensure the possibility of making that sale for your dress is significantly enhanced.

The percentage retained by Timeless Bridalwear is 30%.

The percentage we retain covers the unique service we provide at Timeless Bridalwear including professional advertising and marketing.

The business and its unique services will be widely marketed by various other methods throughout the year i.e. wedding fairs, photo shoots, guest blogs, newspapers.

A contract tailored to each client is agreed and signed upon so as to provide security for both parties regarding set percentages and reserves.

We specialise only in wedding dresses, therefore we do not stock bridesmaid dresses/communion dresses etc

An exact time frame is impossible to determine as this depends on a number of variables – the designer, style, price, age, condition and ultimately, the time it takes for a future bride to find her dream dress in yours!

We sell some dresses in afew days, others in weeks and some take months.

Feel free to contact us at any time so see how your dress is doing!

We are aware how delicate and precious your gown is and it is our priority to endeavor to keep your dress in the same condition as when it arrived at the showroom.

Prior to an appointment, we request that brides do not wear fake tan or bronzer with minimal make up so as to prevent dress soiling.

In a timeframe of a dress being tried on to achieve a sale, fraying can happen, which is not something that can be prevented by us.

We will be on hand to assist with your dress being tried on to ensure it is handled appropriately and zipped/buttoned/laced up delicately.

You are under no obligation to accept an offer outside the reserve price that you are not happy with.

The sale will not proceed if the price offered is below the agreed reserve price unless your consent is given.

In the unfortunate case where there has been little or no interest despite our advertising and marketing efforts, we feel that the dress will not sell with us and will make arrangements for you to pick it up.

Generally we keep the dress 6 months, but can return to you at any time.

If we make the decision to return your wedding dress/veil to you, we will notify you by email/text/phone call.

If we feel your dress is not appealing to brides and will struggle to sell, you MUST adhere to this fact and reply to our correspondence and arrange return.

If we do not hear from you within 10 working days, we will notify you by email/text/phone call that your dress is being donated to charity. We can donate to local charities and Angel Babies charity in Dublin.

In this situation, we will donate your dress to charity – some charities include Angel Babies and local St.Vincent de Paul charity.

We ask that you do not advertise your dress elsewhere when the dress is with us to sell.

There are many reasons!

The majority of our dresses are brand new and never worn! Some brides change their mind on style or design. Plans can change from engagement date to wedding day – e.g. brides decide to have their wedding abroad and the dress is too heavy for a sun wedding.

Today’s modern brides would rather share their cherished gown with another happy bride and allow her to feel as special as they did on their big day. The tradition of a bride saving her wedding dress for their daughter’s christening is slowly disappearing as brides warm to the idea of recouping some of the original cost!